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Happy family
“Release-SCE has brought calm and a good energy into our home.”

Yolanda, ZA

Community Testimonials

Release_SCE™ products are helping to improve and change people's lives.
How will it help you?


“Whether you use Release SCE on its own, combine it with medication to combat side effects or wean your child off medication, every child can benefit from Release SCE as a brain booster, mood stabilizer and for the relief of anxiety.
The combination of ingredients helps and assists with combatting ADD and ADHD by feeding the brain what it needs to calm down and be focussed and it increases the memory.”

Autism, Asperger’s and Neuro Disorders

‘We used to battle with extremely high levels of anxiety and that is also something of the past.

Moms of children with special needs disabilities (whether it is Autism, Autoimmune disease, or Chronic Illness) are the most fearless moms on the planet.


We fight battles and overcome mountains which some will say is impossible. Yet we don't give up!  And I would like to tell all those mothers, please try Release SCE it will change your life, I’m using it myself too, just to help me cope and it is definitely a life changer."

Panic Disorder, Brain surgery recovery and Depression

“Release, I don't have enough words of gratitude.


Panic disorder is not well known by the average person, but in a nutshell, it means that the person basically becomes a recluse because the moment they leave the "safe zone" and get an attack, it literally feels as if they are having a heart attack and will die. This leads to depression and a sense of worthlessness.”

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

“I am a caregiver and I look after an elderly lady with severe dementia, her anxiety was sometimes through the roof.

I spoke to her family and we started to give her the Release Syrup, what we found was that it had no negative effect on her scheduled dementia medicine and it worked very well together, in fact, I started to see better results with the Release_SCE.”

Executive and Study Stress

“I have improved energy, feel generally calmer, clearer mind (less brain fog), my appetite is stable and most significantly, my chronic headaches that I have suffered for years from, is remarkedly less”
This product truly improves my standard of living and is highly recommended”

Family Feedback

“It ended up being the best thing that I could have done for my daughter. Release_SCE boosted her confidence, took away her anxiety, she slept better and the bonus of all was the magnesium that put an end to the growing pains. Subsequently, my husband and myself started using Release_SCE for stress, anxiety, ADD and sleeplessness. 
Release_SCE has brought calm and a good energy into our home and I love sharing this product because I know it will help so many more people”

Hypothyroidism and Epilepsy

“My doctor said she wanted to look into Release to see if it wouldn't interfere with his normal medicine. She phoned me back within the hour and had very positive things to say about Release.


She said that it can cause remission in Graves’ Disease patients and that I must continue giving it to him, it's a great accompaniment to his Chronic meds.”


“The constant change of hormone levels during menopause can have a troubling effect on emotions, leaving some women to feel irritable and even depressed.

When hormone levels begin to decline, as they do in the months and years leading up to menopause, every system that has hormone receptors registers the change, and that includes your brain.


Each time your hormone levels change, your brain chemistry has to compensate. Release_SCE supports and nourishes your brain during this time,”

T1 Diabetes, Aspergers and Autism

“My son is a T1 diabetic and has ADHD. Release_SCE™ has really had a positive impact on his blood glucose levels as well as his behaviour and mental well-being. I also use Release_SCE™ to help with mental focus during work.”

Teenagers Stress

“He is not in fight or flight mode anymore, and he doesn’t need to justify himself the whole time, he speaks respectfully to us his parents again and there is also a definite improvement in his school work. He completes his chores without any arguments and he is not using any scheduled medicine anymore, after all these years he is finally free from that chemical hell.


All because of Release_SCE™ – WHOOOHOOO”


“Her behaviour changed almost immediately to the pleasant Amory that played with her sister and laughed instead of crying and whining. 


She now calls Release_SCE™ her “Obedient Medicine “ “soet wees medisyne”.



This is my Story

Xander Muller

My Name is Xander Muller, I am 11 years old and was diagnosed at age of 1 with severe ADHD and Anxiety. Ever since then, I have been on medication, taking three antidepressants and Concerta.

I experienced severe side effects on Concerta, extreme anorexia, low self-esteem, depression, and oppositional behavior, and I was failing at school. My Mom was desperate to help me, so we started to experience more natural options, but due to my complexity with medication, none of the natural remedies were working. But, when no magic happens, Release_SCE™ FORTE happens and then the face I remember from a long time ago, emerged with a smile!!

Tampering off all my Antidepressants and Concerta we started with Release!! I am drinking Release for more than a month now, without feeling sick in the mornings, moody and with no headaches! I took a chance on Release! Let Release help change your life like mine because you never know if tomorrow is the day someone could wake up wondering how did I go so long not feeling THIS happy!!

Autism, Asperger’s and Neuro Disorders

Forever be grateful for this amazing product


My almost 10-year-old son has been struggling since I can remember. He has been diagnosed with: Auditory processing disorder, ADD and Aspergers to name a few 🙈.
We have tried every therapy, diet, lifestyle change it. He has been in 3 schools and has been homeschooled for a while.
We were fed up by that time and felt quite hopeless and eventually, we resorted to scheduled medication... he started to use Ritalin, He was on Ritalin for a while but that only made a slight difference and he had the side effects of emotional outbursts, and loss of appetite.

We tried Concerta but it was pretty much the same. A friend of mine then recommended Release. I have to admit I was skeptical, I have literally tried everything! I loved the idea of the product being 100% natural but was not expecting too much to tell the truth. I started him off during the holiday so that I could personally observe him. Within a week we started to see a difference. The best way I can describe it is, it was as if someone had switched on a light in Christian's brain. He was suddenly more observant and aware. He made jokes and became very witty. He was more focused and where was "absent" a lot of the time during social interactions and conversations. He started to take part in most conversations and does not miss a thing now. His reading speed and fluency increased, as well as his mathematical skills. I was blown away. He is happier than I have ever seen him and he is progressing by the day🙏🏻He takes 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night. He sleeps so well, that in the past he took almost 2 hours to fall asleep, he now falls asleep within 20 mins. I am so happy with the product that I put my other 2 children (12 and 5) on the product! Not one of them got sick this winter because it's also an immune booster. I will forever be grateful for this amazing product! 😊😊😊

Panic Disorder, Brain surgery recovery and Depression

I could impress the urgency of what I wanted to share


I wish there was a way that I could impress the urgency of what I wanted to share with every person that battles emotional pain, depression, anxiety, OCD (self-diagnosed or not), even crippling perfectionism and so many more. I want to share my story and want you to catch some hope:

I was a shell of myself by my mid-thirties. I was prescribed my first antidepressant at 16. In high school I was the debate winner every year, a journalist for the school newspaper, sang in the choir, a media perfect, I also won the pendant for the best actress in the 1999 ATKV Drama Festival… as the depression and anxiety deepened that little person melted away inside me. I was disgusted by what I was becoming but felt powerless to stop it from happening.

I was in my third year at varsity when my now husband and I started dating. We may have been together for as little as 3 months when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I sat him down that night and told him that I wouldn’t stop him from walking away from us right then. He didn’t.

From the date of my diagnosis, 18 years later I have been on so many different combinations of antidepressants, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, and mood stabilizers... despite this, I never felt well again. I gained 30kg over this period and still used alcohol to self-medicate.

My husband came home one evening to tell me about a new medication he heard of. It was natural. He asked if I wanted to try it. We were both scared. Over the years I’ve had my share of "dropping-my-meds-to-go-natural" and it exploded in the worst way every time. We were both at wit’s end though. Even on my meds, I was just not okay.

We went for it. I ordered my first Release and started tapering down my meds to replace it with Release. The first three weeks were really rough. I was detoxing from the years of chemicals and also getting to feel my full self for the first time in a very long time. Eventually, I lost all the weight, I found that little person I used to be. She was still there. I missed her so much. All my energy returned, and all of my side effects were gone, hubby and I started reconnecting. I wasn’t a dead, emotionless shell anymore. It may have been 6 weeks before I was able to drop 2 of the 4 (and sometimes 6) tablets I was taking. Fast-forward a year or 2 more and I could comfortably drink 1 a day and drink one more if I had a rough day. I was pregnant twice while using Release and breastfed both our children for at least 6 months. Luca and Kira are calm, happy kiddies. Both were born at the right time and at a beautiful 3,5kg roundabout.

I am now at a point where I drink Release only when I need it. I wish I could give this to every Mom. Pregnant, breastfeeding, just raising a busy toddler or two, or three HAHAHA. On the days we didn’t sleep much with Luca and I still needed to be a decent human to my growing and learning little minions, the Release helps me calm down and focus on what they need and what I can give them. Hubby and I drink it and I really think it makes a difference to the energy in the house.

Thank you to Anel and the Release team for bringing this to the market. My life is changed because of it and my family is happier because of it.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Frontotemporal Dementia

Charlotte Pienaar

I would like to tell you how Release SCE has helped my husband. My husband is 70 years old and suffers from FTD. ( Frontotemporal dementia ) 

We were introduced to Release SCE and decided to give it a go, he found that this product worked for him within the first week already, he was more focussed at work and at home. 
I am so grateful for that, it has been difficult to see someone you shared your life with as husband and wife for 48 years changing with FTD. 
We started him on the Advance capsules but have decided to change over to the Advance syrup and the Forte capsules ….. and all I can say is WOW, it works wonderfully. 

I am also very lucky to have find an agent so close to Krugersdorp, my daughter-in-law first bought the Release Capsules for us in Worchester and brought it for us, we would never thought that we would find someone just down the road from us selling it. And as a bonus point such a friendly lady as well. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing product. It has really changed our live back to our calmer old self, and will recommend it to any person suffering with dementia and there life partners, it is really changing our life. 

Executive and Study Stress

My job is at the best of times very stressful


I am a qualified social worker with 20 years of experience and had to deal with many different scenarios over the years. 

My job is at the best of times very stressful and I need to handle people, and their problems and emotions every s day, I have to stay strong and be the hope they are looking for and have to make plans on their behalf. It is very satisfying to be able to help people every day but also very emotionally draining. Since Covid, I had dealt with many more problems, with clients that lose hope, uncertainty, incertitude, nonconfidence distrust of what was happening, unexpected death, and fear. lack of income, children that couldn’t go to school, and it started to feel as if I could just sit and cry with my clients.  It’s normal to start feeling like that, but definitely not productive and it had an effect on my attention to detail, concentration, and emotional strength. My concentration become so vulnerable that I started to struggle to finish tasks.

So, one afternoon I just grabbed my children’s Release SCE and I started to use it myself, and what a difference.  I am still using it every day and can’t believe that I started to use it earlier. It is really doing wonders for me and helps me to offer so much more to my clients.  Thank You Release SCE, the difference this product has made in my life has had a ripple effect towards all my clients and their families.  This product is really the best and worth giving a go.

Family Feedback

We saw changes in less than one week!


On 31st December 2020, our 5-year-old son (diagnosed at the age of 3 with ADHD) was on 36mg Concerta and needed a top up of 10mg Ritalin at 3pm to help him get through the day. Now looking back at this it looks crazy, but he was still active and we did what we thought was best for him at the time. There used to be a time that we could not keep our eyes off him and he would get himself into a dangerous situation. He was so impulsive I feared that he would get himself killed. Our 7 year old son (diagnosed at the age of 5 with ADHD) was on 27mg of Concerta. At this point, after moving to a new City and State our new paediatrician noticed that our 5 year old had high blood pressure and we have been dealing with our 7 year old’s anxiety, social anxiety, moodiness and tiredness (while doctors couldn’t figure out why is so tired).

We decided to start our children on Release Sce Forte maximum dose a.s.a.p and cut back as far as possible and hopefully eliminating all chemical medication (as for some people and children they can). Our 5 year old is on 27mg’s Concerta a day now and needs no top in the afternoons anymore. And our 7 year old is only on 18mg’s of Concerta. Their teachers are happy with their learning at school. Their appetite is better, our children are laughing more, especially our 7 year old, who didn’t laughed much, his anxiety and social anxiety is 90% gone, he participates in class discussions now (not too shy anymore) and we have noticed he is not so tired anymore.

Our children still have HDHD, but we can treat it with less chemical medication and use a Natural Supplement Called Release to help them be themselves again.

I use Release forte as well to help calm the nerves as having 2 little strong willed, wild, adventures, HDHD boys is very challenging and then I am married to their busy Dad too. Since using Release I don’t get that feeling where anxiety’s ‘hand’ creeps up onto my throat and tries to suffocate me anymore until it feels like I want to be sick and cant breath. I’ve been using anti-depressants and – anxiety medication and nothing has taken that feeling away like Release Forte. I am actually in the process of reducing my chemical medication too. The other great benefit is I am so much more organised as I can get a bit distracted with everything happening around me and I get so much more time to focus on my work properly and get tasks done. I also would like to add this one last amazing thing that happened to me… for the first time since I think after my 20’s my own nails is long and growing strong! 

Hypothyroidism and Epilepsy

Lagged behind in meeting his developmental milestones


Matthew is a strong, healthy 3-year-old with loads of energy and is always on the move. But this wasn't always the case. Up until the age of 2, Matt was a small baby who lagged behind in meeting his developmental milestones. He was growing (albeit slowly) and had a big personality. He was sweet and funny and while he couldn't stand on his own and hadn't yet taken his first step, we were told that he would do it in his own time. But as his mom, I knew something was wrong.

After trying to fall pregnant for 3 years, having a very hard birth and then dealing with Matthew having a burst lung and spending almost 2 weeks in the NICU after being born, I had grown used to trusting my mama's gut. I knew we couldn't wait any longer for Matthew to do things in his own time. Just before his 2nd birthday, we took Matthew to a new paediatrician who did a lot of tests. He also felt that something wasn't right and wanted to consult a few of his fellow doctors. He requested that we run a number of blood tests based on his suspicions, and soon we knew the truth: Matthew has hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland doesn't function as it should. After visiting a specialist that still treats Matthew today, we had an official diagnosis of hypothyroidism agenesis. Matthew was born without any thyroid gland at all! It was quite a shock.

Many don't know that the thyroid gland does a lot for the body. It plays a major role in the metabolism, growth and development of the human body and greatly affects every aspect of a baby's development. From the brain to the skeleton and everything in between, this important gland affects so much. The fact that Matt had grown as much as he had without a thyroid for 2 years was a miracle. He was immediately placed on thyroid medication and we instantly saw a difference. Suddenly our tiny 2-year-old started to grow, walk, shout, and develop as he should.

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of having no thyroid gland is anxiety. It's something we could see Matt struggling with and we wanted to help in any way that we could. Matthew is also non-verbal (and will soon be assessed for autism) which means communication can be tough and he can feel frustrated. That's why we turned to Release Forte. After seeing the wonders it did for Matthew's cousin, Luke, we hoped it would make a difference - and it did. Matt takes Release Forte syrup every day and the change has been amazing!

Matthew has a fantastic immune system, is far more confident, and his anxiety has decreased immensely. He will be on his thyroid medication for the rest of his life and there's a good chance we'll never stop adding Release Forte to his daily routine too. He's undergone quite a transformation and we love that Release_SCE™ Forte is helping us navigate the many changes his mind and body are going through along the way. 


Thank you Release


A friend told me about Release as I'm currently going through menopause and the night sweats, hot flashes and mood changes have been tough on me. 

I've been using the Advance capsules for the last two months and I can definitely feel a big improvement. 

I feel much better and I also have more energy. Thank you Release!

T1 Diabetes, Aspergers and Autism

Biggest impact Release_SCE™ has is on his Sugar levels


In 2018, during the late afternoon of the Worcester Summer Heatwave, Gordon was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Believe me when I tell you that was the last diagnosis that we as parents were expecting since we have NO HISTORY of Type 1 in our family. 

After his diagnosis, I fell into a deep depression and was seeing a psychologist who prescribed me antidepressants. I couldn’t cope and it felt like my whole world was falling apart piece by piece. My husband supported me all the way, but I was in way too deep and on autopilot.

I ended up quitting my day job and closing my photography business which I loved, to be a full-time teacher and mom. We pulled Gordon out of pre-school since we spend most of the time in the hospital with his diabetes while I was trying to do home-schooling with him. I noticed that Gordon also had a speech delay but thought it was because of his T1 diagnosis and due to so many hospital admissions it had an impact on his speech development. He started Grade R and I knew there was a big possibility that he will also be held back to repeat Grade R since certain developing aspects were not in place. 

Gordon had to repeat Grade R and that was in 2020 when Covid hit. I was forced to “home school” again and noticed a few concerning aspects, his anxiety went through the roof and certain features of Asperger’s stood out more, so I took Gordon also for a full evaluation and all the tests. His Gordon was diagnosed with Aspergers, speech practice, slight OCD, and ADHD. 

What is the chance to have 2 children with Asperger’s & Type 1 diabetes – seriously? One Asperger is more than enough. Knowing full well what will lay ahead in the mainstream I decided to enrol him in the same school as Nika. 

He was also put on scheduled medication for extreme anxiety. I’ve spent most nights sleeping with him in his bed after his Type 1 diagnosis.  Gordon couldn’t sleep on his own and that has also put major pressure on our marriage and I was so sleeping deprived.

That was when I found Release SCE, as written in Nika’s story.  Gordon is doing extremely well on Release_SCE™. The biggest impact Release_SCE™ has is on his Sugar levels, and his extreme anxiety is under control. Anxiety and Sugar Levels walk hand in hand. Once the anxiety is under control the sugar levels are also more manageable. 
In a way Release_SCE™ has given me my child back, he is a happy, and loving little boy. Although we know he is also following the same path as Nika with dyslexia too (which I forgot to mention in her story) he fell in love with school all over again.

The moral of the story – Release_SCE™ has changed both my children’s lives and mine, and our marriage. I can’t even think how I coped without my Release SCE and I have thrown my anti-depression away. Release change lives indeed!

Teenagers Stress

Advised to start him on Ritalin at a very young age


Kobus was a 6-week premature baby and unfortunately, I did set him back during his early development years. He had to redo his pre-primary and his grade 1 year and has been diagnosed with ADHD in preschool we were advised by his teachers to start him on Ritalin at a very young age. We disagreed with them and did not follow that route because we are not fond of chemical medicine, especially something that will interfere with the brain or emotional well-being. 

We’ve tried everything and after he had to redo his grade for a second time took him to a neurologist for tests we did decide to rethink our bold decision and started to use Ritalin, we started on low dosages but the dosages have increased over time. He didn’t like the feeling of Ritalin at all.
Over the years he would often ask us if he could skip his Ritalin just for a day or couple of days just to feel himself, that was hard for us as parents to know what kind of effect it had on our son. The Ritalin also took away his appetite and it was a real struggle to feed him healthy balanced meals. 
We felt hopeless and even though it caused many side effects  Ritalin was the only thing that really helped him in school and with his homework. But his frustration grew and he often had emotional outbursts and frustrations towards the bullies in school.

We would often receive a letter from school for his misbehavior, even though he was certain of what he was doing, he would often forget his assignments and tasks at school and became very aggressive towards us as his parents too. It was almost as if he was the whole time in a fight or flight mode and wasn’t able to deal with challenges responsibly or with wisdom. This caused disruptions at home and often at school too. During lockdown 2020 we discovered Release_SCE™ and even though the world was upside down Release_SCE™ brought new hope into our lives and a total victory. 

Every day he used Release_SCE™ was a better day than the previous day, we saw a major difference since the first day on Release_SCE™, all our worries about his behavior improved by over 90% within the first month and they eventually disappeared. He is not in fight or flight mode anymore, and he doesn’t need to justify himself the whole time, he speaks respectfully to us his parents again and there is also a definite improvement in his school work. He completes his chores without any arguments and he is not using any scheduled medicine anymore, after all these years his finally free from that chemical hell. All because of Release_SCE™ – WHOOOHOOO

We are so grateful that we, at last, have our very own Kobus, our son back, ‘n loving caring child that loves to help others and to see that others are happy. We are really grateful parents. Thank you Release_SCE™ Team these products have truly changed our lives. 


Really changed our daughter's life


Release_SCE™ has really changed our daughter Amory's life (3 years old at that time). Our daughter struggled to sleep and she was very frustrated and feisty during the day, we tried so many theories and advice and we as her parents felt hopeless at times.  It felt as if all we did was tell her off, and we always had to hear from school how naughty she is.

She would bully her friends, didn’t want to bathe before bedtime, didn’t want to play with her sister and was just a real menace most days.  It broke my heart as her mother didn’t know what to do.
We have literally tried everything in the book, but with no success, until we were introduced to Release SCE, and what a blessing.  Our walk with Release SCE gave us an Amory that we always hoped we had. She is enjoying school, she goes to bed at bedtime and she is definitely much calmer during the day. The days of screaming, moaning and tantrums became history and she started to play with her sister as best friends do. 

At a stage, we run out of Release_SCE™ and decided to test the results and see if her misbehaviour might have just been a temporary stage, but unfortunately, she was her hold frustrated, aggressive self after only one week without Release_SCE™. I urgently got her Release again and her behaviour changed almost immediately to the pleasant Amory that played with her sister and that laughed instead of crying and whining.  She now calls her Release_SCE™ her “ Obedient medicine “ “soet wees medisyne” 

We would like to thank Release_SCE™, we will always be grateful for what you have done for Amory and us as a family. 

Kids in Vegetable Farm


Our products are non-addictive and non-habit forming.

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