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What is Release_SCE?

Release_SCE™ is a range of brain supplements. A combination of Plant extractions, Neuro-minerals, Neuro-vitamins and Amino acids which increase the brain’s ability to function under higher stress, improves your concentration, focus and increases your memory

Brain Food

Release_SCE™ is an exclusive cognitive range with our own, exclusive Sceletium Tortuosum alkaloid extraction of +/- 3.5% pure alkaloids, added to a combination of Neuro- Vitamins, Neuro- Chelated Minerals, high-quality, L-Theanine and a very pure Moringa extract.

No Hidden Ingredients

Release_SCE™  is Vegan friendly and has no hidden ingredients, artificial ingredients, or dangerous substances and is known as an ethical range. We guarantee the finest quality and ethically sourced ingredients.

Schedule 0

The Release_SCE™ formula is Scheduled 0 and the formula was designed according to the “Complimentary medicine D33.7 Western Herbal Combination” and has been formulated by a group of food scientists, pharmacists, researchers and developers. Appointed under strict GMP-compliant regulations, these experts manage, formulate, and produce all pH7 products.

Safe Alternative

A safe alternative for SSRIs and cognitive scheduled medication and works very well with emotional fatigue, anxiousness, mood swings, relaxation, ADD, ADHD and the maintenance of good mental health.

Quality Tested

All minerals and plant materials are self-sourced, and we ensure raw extraction and quality tests. Every batch is tested, verified and labeled according to the actual active content. All pH7 products are manufactured by GMP principles and are developed in line with top international standards.

For Everyone

The Release_SCE™ range is developed to assist anybody that needs an additional brain boost, a mental boost, helping with mental fatigue, anxiety attacks, post-covid symptoms and mental breakdown.

The impact Release_SCE™ has on people’s lives is life-changing and a fantastic experience to be part of.
“Wonderful, amazing, and fantastic product….my son is off Concerta since Nov 2019…no more anxiety or sleeping issues… it’s a ‘must’ in my house…”

Tracy Anne Scholes

Release_SCE™ is a range of innovative neuro-supplements that has the potential to combat mental fatigue and improves brain function. Assist your mental health as a priority, by feeding the brain and practicing self-care.  Release SCE is suitable for persons young and old.
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